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Budgetmind is a budget management site for individuals whose main services are free. Through its various interfaces, it brings you a real power on your budget, analyzing it in the smallest details. Whether you want to save more money or get an analytical service worthy of the name, Budgetmind will seduce you and fulfill your expectations.

Manage your budget, effortlessly

Budgetmind highlights your monthly situation down to the last detail. Your transactions are classified automatically from the .CSV files that can be downloaded from your bank. They are associated by themes and are presented to you to notify you at the first glance the slightest overrun on your part. Keep an eye on your situation, while preserving you from bad surprises!

Quick and intuitive analysis

Analyzing your budget correctly is a daily challenge. Now, Budgetmind takes care of it for you, giving you a precise breakdown of your budget. At a glance, get to know the weak points of your budget and act accordingly!

Advice of all kinds

You benefit from tips generated by the site, which help you optimize your management. In addition, the Budgetmind community can communicate with you through tips that scroll through the site. You can judge their relevance and advise other members on your own.

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Budgetmind and its main tools are free. With the Premium version, you look to the future and you get all the power of the site. Sponsor your friends and win subscription weeks!

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